The Story behind These Streets Are Holy (TSAH):

TSAH is a peace movement based on a turning to God first; a spiritual revival to change the culture of drugs & violence to one of a hopeful future.

Our manifesto is a movement of change, specifically addressed to Chicago, but universal to the entire world. It reads:

“We the people of Chicago and the surrounding communities, declare that the streets of these neighborhoods are ultimately under God’s control, and “These Streets Are Holy” [TSAH]. We organize with the intention of creating a spiritual revival that, under the leadership of a loving God, will change the culture of drugs, violence and murder. In its place is hope and an actionable path toward change and a future worth living.”

One night, TSAH founder and songwriter John Ludwig awoke at 3 AM with the realization that the rampant violence in Chicago’s streets WAS his issue too. He well understood that he was an upper middle class, upper middle aged white man, who grew up in a lily white suburb of St Louis in the 60s/70s, and now lives 100 blocks south of ‘the problem’. However, he felt compelled to give a name to the peace undercurrent that has no name, and write a song expressing so.

As the suburban streets slept, he got up and wrote the song: These Streets Are Holy (TSAH). The chorus is a rally cry for change.
These streets are holy, and we’re taking them back
These streets are holy, no more, no more
These streets are holy, God says they are my own
These streets are holy, and they’re still our home

There is reason for hope, but only if we connect it with the Source of hope. Then can hearts be changed and those living without direction can find their way. We have so many other ideas and action items for the cause. Please join us!


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