The family friendly One Night in Bethlehem (ONiB) musical is a magical telling of the people and events surrounding the birth of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah. The musical is full of unforgettable songs, including A Little Past Old, Kicking Mommy in the Tummy, Yes to Love, and I’ll Give My All; each from perspectives of the characters in the Christmas story.


What makes One Night in Bethlehem  different from other works is it lifts the characters off the page and into your heart. God’s plan for our salvation begins with unexpected people the world wouldn’t choose, who are called to these eternally remembered roles. Their humanity is linked to yours by breathing life and feeling into those whose perspectives are not often considered.


The musical is full of hope for (in) the world, and many people are looking for hope. As the title track contains:

One Night in Bethlehem, and history was changed
One Night in Bethlehem, and the world was not the same
The heroes of this love story are ones we wouldn’t choose
But when the voice of God was heard, not one of them refused
Creator to creation, love holy and divine
Jesus, messiah with us, ‘til the end of time.

“I was compelled to write this musical and am extremely gratified with how One Night in Bethlehem turned out. ONiB was designed to draw believers into a deeper understanding, and stir non-believers to seek to know more about Jesus. In the end, the hope is that One Night in Bethlehem inspires the audience to carry the story forward.”

– John Ludwig, songwriter and playwright


“Goosebumps!! Big smile!!”

– Megan Marshall, Director of Music & Worship, Palos Community Church


“From the One Night in Bethlehem Intro, I knew I was in for a treat! The melody-rich tunes in this album are all worth treasuring. Ludwig’s songs are the bringer of peace and joy. This is an album of peace and goodwill and a must-listen for all lovers of this genre 🙂 🙂 🙂 “

– Ricky Kej, Grammy Award winning composer, Billboard #1 Artist, Global Peace Ambassador


“The music is fantastic and we fell in love with it.”

– Meredith Edwards, Eldridge Publishing


“…touching souls”

– Shashika Mooruth, CEO Urja Music



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  • ONiB - The Journey
  • ONiB Project Begins

    For more than 2,000 years, the telling of the events around the birth of Jesus have been passed down from generation to generation. In contrast, it only took John a short decade to unpack the biblical narrative of the greatest story ever told.

  • Soundtrack Recorded

    Once song demos were cut, the soundtrack was recorded at TMC Recording Studios on TBN's Trinity Music City campus by top Nashville musicians and singers.

  • Album Released

    “The artists and recording facilities certainly did justice to the One Night in Bethlehem music.” John said. “I couldn’t be more pleased.” The soundtrack cd was mixed, pressed, packaged, and distributed to Amazon, cdBaby, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Music, and Rhapsody.

  • Play Published

    After the script read-through and songs were transcribed to sheet music for vocal and piano, the play was published by Eldridge.

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